Friday, February 27, 2009

Blighter's Rock

For someone who's had serious writer's block for 25 years, there's nothing quite as terrifying as staring at this blank page and writing this first line.

After years of making excuses - too busy, not interested, unsure what to write about - I'm finally starting this blog. I have no idea if it will take off or even survive beyond this first post. And I feel awfully self-conscious about getting into something that everyone else started doing years ago.

I'm a left field, food-obsessed mama living in the wilds of Belgium. I love books, art, travel, Tai Chi and this fragile blue marble we call Earth. I adore my family who regularly drive me bonkers. As a firm believer in equal opportunities, I drive them nuts too. I live to eat, and I'm a pretty good cook and baker. I loathe housework although I do it well..... when I can arse myself to do it! I truly belong behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, but the reality is I drive a tiny ageing red VW named Miles. I'm passionate about things like laughter, Jin Shin Jyutsu, poetry, pottery, music that makes me want to move (and music that moves me), the health of our planet, living simply, giving back. Spirituality is important to me; religion not at all. I swear far too often. I'm a Leo. I believe that faith, love, a sense of humor, chocolate and the Main Central Vertical Flow will get me through just about anything.