Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The shock of bad news, and the comfort of roses

This Pierre de Ronsard (Eden) rose is rampaging madly all over our front garden at the moment. I found it, more dead than alive, in the bargain bin of a garden centre years ago. I bought it on a whim and took it home where Skunk looked at it, aghast. (Any other codependent gardeners out there?) It looked so miserable that no one thought it would survive, but it has, and it rewards us with spectacular shows of long-lasting double blooms that fill the garden with colour and scent from May to mid-November each year. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Surrey County Council private car park sign was given to me by a friend who 'liberated' it in her student days. Honest.

These roses are Nature's way of reminding me not to lose hope when I think the sky has fallen.

Had a nasty shock yesterday morning. Skunk, barely 3 months into his new job - the wonderful new position he found after being laid off last autumn by the company where he worked for almost 20 years - was told by his boss that he was now surplus to requirements, so they were letting him go. I was crushed by the news because his new job seemed to be going so well. He was enjoying the work, his new employers had told him they were delighted with him, he looked like a new person. I felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under us. How dare they! Why now? And more importantly, what were we going to do? 

Truth is, I simply don't have any answers right now. The sun is shining but the world suddenly feels like it has gone cold. I know it's natural to feel overwhelmed by fear and anger and self-pity when these things happen. It's important that I face today's feelings rather than deny them. It's even more crucial to reassure myself that the situation will eventually change, that something will turn up, another door will open as this one closes, and my family and I will be okay. We've been through worse, and we'll get through this as well. I know that happiness lies not in our circumstances, but in what we make of them.

I'm going to hold on to that.

This much I know -- life is full of surprises, like this climbing rose.


Naturelady said...

Love the climbing roses!
So sorry to hear about the bad news on the job front. Wishing you & Skunk best of luck and good humor in these difficult times...

Dinohoodie! said...

So sorry to hear about the job news - so soon after the last one too :( Give him a hug from me!


Megatonlove said...

Thank you! He's remaining upbeat and positive and I've climbed out of my funk. I know that somehow, something will happen. This too shall pass. Your best wishes and hugs have been passed on and were very much appreciated. x

masadao said...

Just read this now... hope all is well by now. Cheers!

Marianne said...

You know what, MY HUBBY came home today and told me, just out of the blue, he's being laid off in August.

So, I said, Wait, isn't that like, ONE MONTH FROM NOW?

Yup. Weird thing is: He looked happy. So I decided to be happy as well.

I know this sounds weird, but I order you to be happy.

And if I had a green thumb like yours (I am out to look for that rose you pulled out of the garbage bin!), I would be a garden consultant ...