Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting a grip

Hurray! Legs and Noodle are back at school after a week off for Carnival Break, and I'm enjoying the quiet. It's just me, our dog Mia snoring on her cushion, and the usual hillocks of dirty laundry which I'm choosing to ignore. The beginning of the week is my special "me time," a chance to relax after the chaos of the weekend. Thought I'd sit down and give this another go.

Only now I've got a bad case of the jitters. After the rush that followed birthing my first and only post so far, Blighter's Rock is back. I've just checked to make sure my page is still there and discovered to my delight and, perversely, also to my horror that I now have 3 followers. Hellooo, followers! Oh my giddy aunt, I now have a readership - a tiny one, granted, but nonetheless still a readership. You see, the Committee that lives rent-free inside my head went into overdrive at 4 o'clock this morning and told me I was doing everything wrong. Of course I'm doing lots of things wrong, darn it, I've never blogged before! It probably doesn't help that I've been comparing my timid first attempt with other people's blogs which have hundreds of erudite, amusing posts, jam-packed with cool graphics and exotic photographs. I'd like one of those all-singing, all-dancing blogs too. Note to self: look but don't compare!

In setting this blog up, it took me ages to get to grips with a new language. For example, would it have adult content? Might my occasional use of the F word qualify as adult content? Even if kids in grade school use the F word these days? What does reverting widget templates to default do? What on earth is a wysiwyg editor? I've worked as an editor but have never met a wysiwyg. Did I want transliteration into Hindi? If it comes with kulfi, sure! What's a Post Feed Redirect URL? Will it reduce our electricity bill? My blog can have up to 100 authors? Really? So why the hell am I sitting here pulling my hair out when 99 others can do this for me? Why don't my photos go where I want them to on the effing page? And finally: why oh why don't I have any geek friends within farting distance who can explain all this stuff to me?

I think I'll tackle those smelly socks after all.

P.S. The 2 photos show our garden emerging from a hard winter into spring, looking wild and strangled. I wanted the photos to go down here but they refused.


Naturelady said...

I don't even know half of what that computer stuff is (and don't you remind me that I studied Computer Science in college -- that was eons ago (at least in the computer-world)!

But I have figured out how to move pictures: I just shrink them fairly tiny, move to where I want them, and then enlarge them again!
Also, it makes a difference if you choose to center or left/right align them BEFORE you upload the pics -- can't change that after the fact.

Anonymous said...


I love your blog. Just what I was looking for! Please keep writing. :)

Megatonlove said...

Thanks for the helpful tip on how to make photos behave. And thank you everyone for the encouragement, which is greatly appreciated!